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31/ 01/ 2019

Setting goals and priorities for the next year would be impossible without considering and discussing last year’s events, its analytical data and its expected prognoses. For that purpose, on January 31 a meeting of the Committee on Real Estate, Investments and Strategic Development took place. Participants of the meeting had an opportunity to take part in a panel discussion devoted to evaluate and discuss trends and prospective projects in the Real Estate sector in the Kharkiv region.

The experts, who expressed their forecasts and opinions on this issue, were namely: Alexei Popov, Yuriy Kostoglodov, Sergey Kobzan, Abdurakhman Shaikhalov, Volodymyr Chekalov.

“The real estate market has come out of a complete crisis by an increase in the economy by 3.4%, compared with last year’s figures,” said Igor Balaka in his speech.

During the discussion, the panel members also emphasized that:

  • According to analytical data, Kharkiv came in at the top three cities for Real Estate value;
  • One of the most important predictions for next year is the increase in office premises rental to meet the needs of the fast developing IT sector;
  • The Real Estate market in 2019 is projecting a stable increase, but no reduction in prices is expected;
  • The highest level of profit is expected from the rental and sale of Professional office space, the second place is Commercial/Industrial real estate, and the lesser income is expected from Residential real estate;
  • The rapid growth in the number of IT companies and IT specialists has defined the purchasing power of Professional real estate in this market.

“Formation of positive tendencies shapes our future,” Igor Sbitnev said confidently.

We are sincerely thankful to all the participants for their active involvement!


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Igor Balaka
The Head of the EBA Real Estate, Investment and Strategic Development Committee in Kharkiv, Krona PPF Director General
Abdurakhman Shaykhalov
The Step by Step Group of Companies owner
Igor Sbitnev
Igor Balaka
Abdurakhman Shaykhalov
Igor Sbitnev

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