11/ 12/ 2018

We were happy to host EBA IT Legal Talk! The event was held in a rhythm of constant interactive. The event passed in the rhythm of continuous interactivity. The attendees were able not only to listen to an informative report on the IT industry in the legal aspect but also to ask own questions and get expert feedback.

We sincerely want to thank all our guests and particularly our speakers: Natalia Gaikalova, Dmitriy Mikhailenko, Olga Belikova, Alexander Shemiatkin, Yaroslava Ivasyuk, Mykyta Polatayko and Alexander Markov for useful information!

During the meeting, it was discussed

  • Foreign IT jurisdictions and bank compliance procedure: it was determined why the US, Estonia and Switzerland are the most attractive for Ukrainian companies and how much time compliance procedures could take?
  • The problematic issues of the income tax and new approaches to improving the tax system including examples of foreign interest rates.
  • What is that mythical “substance” everyone discusses over and its pros and cons?
  • Tax residence: what are the pros and cons, what are the conditions of tax residence and the agreement on double tax avoidance.
  • The practice of international exchange of contractors’ banking information and the terms in which Ukraine could be prepared for this.
  • The main risks for IT business in Ukraine: management, cybersecurity, students and workforces outflow.
  • Anti-offshore perspectives: how offshore scheme works and the structure of such companies, the legislation on solving the offshore problem, control over the expenditures of private individuals and the BEPS plan.

Nearly 4 hours of active discussion have passed imperceptibly and we are sure everyone received the necessary information in order to make their IT business more successful as well as reduce potential risks.

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