Kharkiv Customs issues

15/ 11/ 2018

Maintenance of ‘Business-Authorities’ dialogue is a priority of European Business Association activity. So, on November 15, 2018, within the EBA Customs Committee in Kharkiv, the companies’ representatives and public servants gathered with the aim to clarify the issues on state control legal regulation and nuances (in the framework of Law #2042-VIII, Law #2530-VIII and Customs Code of Ukraine) and, consequently, to resolve the businesses’ problems in the region.

The expert – Igor Lotskin, the Deputy Chief of the Southern Regional Service of State Veterinary and Sanitary Control and Supervision at the State Border and Transport (SVSCS) of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, was complemented by Vira Nosova, Customs Issues Advisor. Mr Lotskin talked about the conduction & termination procedure for state control over non-animal food & feed during import/export; Customs Code relevant novelties; nuances of ‘Single Window’ (SW) implementation (N.B. The list of documents necessary for SW – Ministry of finance if Ukraine Order of 25.07.2016 #657), etc. [presentation].

‘For us, the control concerned is an innovation as well, and we get to know it together with the market operators, with you,’ Andriy Babaruk, the Chief of the Southern Regional Service of SVSCS, emphasized.

EBA Kharkiv Office is grateful to the Southern Regional Service of SVSCS for true readiness for cooperation and to the international economic activity specialists – for activeness and good questions to ask.

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