Kharkiv Customs issues

01/ 08/ 2018

The Customs Committee meeting on the state control of sanitary and veterinary&sanitary measures’ objects was held on August 1, 2018.

In the two hours’ time, Igor Lotskin, the Deputy Chief of the Southern Regional Service of State Veterinary and Sanitary Control and Supervision at the State Border and Transport of SSUFSCP, managed to tell about the future changes of the customs control system, such as border inspection posts’ creation; gave practical advice on the relevant forms and documents filling out; clarified the legislative regulation of the state control over imports & exports, and the composite products customs control features.

The atmosphere in the conference hall was very friendly and led to an interesting discussion. Mr Lotskin and M&S Consulting Department Head Vira Nosova were able to give answers to all important questions of the participants. The speakers asked the attendees to share their own experience and real cases in order to make a difference in this area in future. We hope that all ideas will be turned into reality in the customs service further work.

We are grateful to the experts for such informative meeting and practical knowledge!

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