25/ 04/ 2018

Representatives of the Tax Committee met to discuss the following issues:

  1. Presentation of the new Head of Tax Policy Department of Minfin – Ms Yana Bugrimova
  2. The Priorities of the Tax Policy Department, presents by Ms Yana Bugrimova
  3. The current status of VAT invoices’ registration, including Adjustments calculations

– The current situation of VAT refund and the blocking of VAT invoices (EBA Letter № 514, dated April 11, 2018)

– Ways to resolve the issue of reimbursement of “old sums” of budget reimbursement of VAT, formed before February 1, 2016

– The cancellation of penalties in accordance with Article 120.1 of the Tax Code for untimely  registration of consolidated VAT tax invoices in case of transactions with non-taxpayers of VAT

  1. The cancellation of financial (penal) sanctions:

– in case of self-updating of information about controlled operations in the clarifying report on controlled operations

– for failure to submit a report after payment of a fine for incomplete reporting of controlled transactions on the results of documentary verification for periods up to 1 January, 2017

  1. The General Tax Advice of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine regarding clarification of certain issues of the mechanism of rounding out the total amount of cash payments for goods (work, services) in connection with the adoption of the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine # 25, dated 15 March, 2018
  2. Tax policy survey presentation to be provided by EBA
  3. The problem with the VAT refund of ‘old’ amounts of VAT under the Temporary Register and the ways of its solving suggested by the Draft Law on introduction of changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine No.7518 registered with the VRU on 19.01.2018
  4. The question regarding obligation of RRO fiscal check

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