07/ 09/ 2018

06-07 September 2018 – Export strategy for IT industry

IT community of Ukraine participated in National Consultation on the development of export strategy. Despite the beginning of the meeting was aimed to solve sectoral export strategies for IT, it ended up with discussion of common problems and tendencies of the IT industry.

The main issues for discussion were:

  • Business climate predictability.

The political instability causes investments outflow. The reason is that it is difficult to predict the changes in the Ukrainian legislation, which can harm the business.

  • Education.

The educational issue in in the agenda for a long time. As a result we are losing intellectual resources that move abroad in order to find better conditions for life. In other case, companies invest in education to grow highly qualified specialists, who will meet the requirements on the market.

Therefore, there was a proposal to divide Higher Education into universities (learning fundamental sciences and theories) and universities of applied sciences (learning practical disciplines).

  • Operating of trade and economics’ missions.

It is necessary to start a dialogue between business and trade-economic missions, so that our representatives have a better understanding what is going on inside the industry – that is our priority for the autumn 2018.

  • Protection of intellectual property

Many Ukrainian ideas and start-ups moved to the US as they could been protected in an appropriate way according to the legislation. That is the problem, which causes a reduction of the amount of IT companies in Ukraine that leads to a cutback of main economic indicators of our country.

All the issues listed above are typical for Ukraine. Thanks to the International Trade Center we have an opportunity to compose some proposals by our workgroups and pass them to the Government. We hope the Government to take into account the thoughts and developments of the business and along with us implement the necessary changes into reality.

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