Business sets 8 priorities for the new Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection

16/ 10/ 2020

On October 13, at an extraordinary meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made a decision to appoint Vladyslava Mahaletska to the position of Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

The European Business Association welcomes the appointment of the new management of State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection and hopes to continue effective cooperation with the agency and the implementation of structural changes in the system of food and non-food security, protection of consumer rights and interests. The establishment of the State Food and Consumer Service in 2014 was an important event that was well accepted by the business. At the same time, during the last year, the service worked without a Head, so some issues have accumulated and need special attention from the new management of the Service.

Anna Derevyanko EBA Executive Director
It is extremely important for the business that the State Food and Consumer Service works effectively and ensures the timely issuance of all certificates and permit documents for the smooth operation of companies, especially in such a difficult period of the pandemic. We hope that Ms. Mahaletska will be able to quickly and efficiently adjust the work of the agency, so as not to slow down export-import operations and trade in the domestic market due to delays in paperwork, but instead help revive business activity to restore economic growth.

Thus, the business community has identified the TOP-8 main tasks for the new head of the State Food and Consumer Service:

1. Forming a professional team of the State Food and Consumer Service

2. Supporting Ukrainian exporters in international markets

In recent years, there has been a tendency of increased sales of crops to the market of China and Asian countries. Given the prospects in this area, the grain community considers it necessary to further develop cooperation with China in the supply of grain crops, in particular, to expand the list of agricultural products exported from Ukraine to China and simplify the procedure for exporting barley.

3. Digitalization of information and public services, particularly in the grain industry

This involves connecting to the system of electronic circulation of phytosanitary certificates and introducing electronic services for document submission.

4. Observing terms for issuing conclusions of the sanitary and epidemiological examination

5. Developing methodological recommendations for the interpretation of the correct labeling of non-food products

Thus, sometimes the inability of manufacturers to label directly on household appliances is interpreted as a violation of the law, even if there is comprehensive information provided on the packaging and accompanying documentation.

6. Preventing the falsification of dairy products

7. Applying for membership in the international organization PIC/S

The manufacturers of veterinary products have raised the issue of joining the PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation System) for many years, as it will mean recognition of Ukrainian rules for the production of veterinary drugs by other countries and improve quality control of drugs within the country.

8. Updating instructions for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases in accordance with European procedures

There is a need to update Ukrainian instructions in accordance with EU protocols on the treatment and prevention of infectious animal diseases, as well as the system of monitoring animal health by public authorities.

Besides, the business expects the State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection to unveil a methodology for setting tariffs for permitting services and clarify on the Law on Food Information for Consumers, as the current practice in the EU. It is also important for companies that the agency reduces the frequency of inspections of goods when imported into Ukraine.

The European Business Association sincerely wish Ms. Mahaletska much success in her new position. We are ready to support useful changes and reforms, as well as to cooperate in resolving problematic issues for the business.



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