15 secrets of having a nice coffee time for office workers

27/ 06/ 2017

Nothing can be better than a cup of exhilarant coffee with a piece of chocolate to launch your brain in the morning. Those, who are engaged in intellectual activity, have already understood this, so there is an ability to drink coffee whenever you want in every worthy office.

How can you choose a high-quality product and a reliable provider? We will share the most popular and useful lifehacks with you.

1. Branding doesn’t always equate to high quality

The fame of a trademark is the result of good advertising. Don’t chase famous brands, as you will overpay for the well-known name, but probably you will not be satisfied with the taste. The best way is to buy coffee beans of own importation made for a major provider, for example, coffee CORSICO by Nebesna Krynytsa. It consists of 100 % Arabica beans, it’s cheaper than coffee products made by many other popular brands, but it tastes better.

2. A big amount of the product doesn’t equate to quality

Suppliers make a common mistake, when they choose the provider taking into consideration only a vast range of products. There is a misconception that good coffee is sold where the variety of different trademarks is represented. The abundance of production leads to the stagnation of goods and improper storage.

Moreover, traditional distributors of drinks are interested in margin. So, they will recommend you what is more profitable for them .

3. Look at the pack

Coffee beans should be packed into metalized bags with a valve. After roasting beans produce carbon dioxide. The valve is used to release it. If there is no valve , it’s possible that coffee lost its flavour and aroma.

4. The service is above all

Provider should offer the set of equipment and goods for office:

– coffee machine,
– cups, spoons,
– maintenance of machinery.

Maintenance saves your money and time. There is one manager if supplying, who accepts your order once a week , you need one set of documents. That is convenient.

5. The base of good coffee is water

It’s better to order coffee from providers of artesian water. Thus you can solve several problems at a stroke. You will :

– provide your colleagues with healthful water ,
– prolong the life of equipment (coffee machines, kettles),
– drink really delicious coffee.

It’s proved that if you make coffee with artesian water , the taste and the aroma will be better.

6. Demand the tasting

The company may require a tasting of the product. Especially, if the brand name is bad-known.

You shouldn’t buy a pig in a pocket. If the provider is sure that the product is good, he will suggest you to taste coffee for free. In that way, you can choose the most appealing brand for your office.

7. Fast service

Provider should control your orders and remind you to order new portion. But if there is a force maneuver and you a lack of coffee or the coffee machine has been broken, the provider should help you, as soon as possible.

Good coffee is the key to wonderful day.

And finally, there are several advices, how to enjoy savory drink :

– choose coffee in beans, because ground coffee is not so fragrant,
– packs have to be closed hermetically,
– don’t brew all the coffee beans immediately, use as much as you need for one portion,
– bad water can do harm the equipment and the flavour of coffee, so use artesian water,
– choose the coffee machine considering the number of workers,
– if your office is rather large, buy a super automatic machine to make cappuccino and latte with the touch of a button (it allows you to organize big coffee breaks),
– the most delicious kind of this drink is Arabica. If you want strong and bitter coffee , add a little bit of Robusta.

We hope that our advices will be useful for you and there will be the aromatic magic of coffee in your office.

Written by Nebesna Krynytsa. You can buy coffee beans and coffee machines at our website.

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