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What is NLP and why you ABSOLUTELY need it in your business

30/ 11/ 2021
  Vanessa Petitcollin. NLP coach - Business coach - CEO at European Coaching Center Kiev/ Европейский Коучинг Центр Київ. What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ?. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, created NLP at the University of Santa Cruz (California) in the end of the 1970’s. Their idea was to discover how successful people work, what they had in common in order to “hack” and replicate their skills. They studied great therapists and genius communicators (Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson...) who were obtaining spectacular results with their patients. Bandler and Grinder wanted to understand what made them so good with people, what did they do specifically that made them so amazing.  So modeling great skills is the principle of NLP. If a person can do it, I can also do it, if I do exactly like them. NLP is a 100% pragmatic approach, not a theory nor a dogma. And it’s fun and easy to practice ! We can define NLP as the modeling of efficiency applied to people and underpinned by positive humanistic values. NLP is also an optimistic philosophy about human being and a solution oriented methodology. And the human brain notice we were all delivered without. NLP allows us to reach any goal by changing our perception of reality, and the way we act and think. And to use the underestimated power of language in order to improve our communication and influence others in a positive way, and take control of our own states of mind.  And all this with very simple techniques, accessible to all and immediately applicable.  In short, NLP allows you to : Understand yourself and others better Use your brain, your cognitive processes, your emotions for your success Build high quality relationships with others Effectively and precisely communicate Improve yourself, grow, achieve more in your life What can NLP bring to your business?. Business coaching with NLP allows you to solve problems way much faster and easier with an optimistic, solution oriented and technical approach. This is the best tool for business at all levels. The coach’s job is to help a person, a team, or an organization to : Clarify their goals and achieve them Get rid of obstacles, problems and dysfunctions Optimize resources, success strategies and find creative solutions Improve relationships and communication for more efficiency and motivation in your team NLP solves problems such as :  Messy work and organization : unclear goals and direction, disorganization, lack of coordination and cooperation between employees or departments, misunderstanding, mistakes... Under productivity : under-exploited resources and talents, inefficient processes, waste of time and energy, frustration for all... Management nightmare : demotivation, turn-over, sick leaves, stress, conflicts, sabotage, harassment, awful work atmosphere, bad reputation for the company... These problems represent very heavy costs and a huge waste of money in the end !!! And why do things in the hard and unpleasant way when you can do them with ease and fun ? NLP brings to your company : Effective, direct and caring management and communication Optimized performance at all levels Dynamic speeches that motivate your team and attract customers. Consistency between brand image, values, message and marketing actions for more impact. Super clear goals, audit on obstacles and ressources, and an action plan to reach them. Improved relationship skills to build trusting bonds with employees, partners and customers and a good work atmosphere. Mental and technical preparation in any challenge : management, personal organization, leadership, new functions, training, stress management, conflicts, recruiting...etc All the persons I worked with as a professional coach or life coach want the same thing : they REALLY want to work, use their skills, contribute and be a part of something greater. We all want to be our best, do our best and feel our best at work. So let’s unleash your team and business full potential with NLP ! Lets discuss this together and design coaching solutions for your business ! Source: LinkedIn

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