EBA Odesa Open Dialog with Authorities

21/ 06/ 2019


We often hear from business complaints about the lack of skilled labor in the corporate and industrial sectors. For a comprehensive discussion of the issue of compliance with guarantees on labor and the promotion of legal employment in the Odesa region, we decided to hold an open dialogue with the authorities.

The moderator of the meeting, Katerina Morozova, Original Manager, spoke about the main trends and causes lack of personnel. The European Business Association represents the interests of 985 companies in the Ukrainian market, which, in particular, are good employers. Therefore, the Association is interested in a favorable regulatory environment for business, high incomes and motivation to work, reducing unemployment, reducing the outflow of the working age population, meeting the needs for highly qualified engineering and working personnel for the production sector. Understanding the scale of the problem, we pay special attention to the issues of labor migration and satisfaction with the standard of living in Ukraine. For the second year in a row, the EBA has been conducting its own cut of Ukrainian opinions – the Barometer of Happiness in Ukraine. The integral indicator of the barometer in 2019 was 2.61 points and was located, respectively, in the negative way. However, compared with the previous year, we have a slight increase of 0.14 points. The trend is weak, but positive.

The European Business Association supports the steps taken by the authorities to make legal the labour market. After all, it is really difficult for a legal business to compete with those who are trying to avoid the law. In addition, the elected president often recalls the intention to create a “state in a smartphone” in order to simplify the interaction of citizens and business with the authorities. Therefore, Alexander Batrak, Head of Southern department of the State Fiscal Service in Odesa region Head Office, highlighted the issues of detenisation of the labor market and DFS electronic services.

Natalya Lyashuk, Deputy Head of Labour Relations Department of State Labour Service in Odesa oblast Head Office, and Tatyana Sorochan, Deputy head of the Division for monitoring compliance with labor legislation of analytics and control Department of Odesa City Council, reported on recent changes in labor legislation. Their performance was supplemented by Valentina Kovbasyuk, Head of the Kiev district Citizen Service Department of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Odesa region Head Office, with the topic “Legal salary as an Important Factor in Receiving Pension Payments”.

In turn, Dmitry Radulov, Director of the Department of Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of the Odesa Regional State Administration, told about the benefits for bona fide employers and the opportunities for business lending in the region by the Odesa Regional State Administration.

Participants have know about the provision of labor guarantees through the implementation of decisions from the Head of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Odesa region Ruslan Sauliak. The Director of the Odesa Regional Employment Center Sergey Gatsenko, was asked a number of questions: What vacancies do employers most often provide places for employment? The most effective forms of 3-party interaction (employer-Regioanal Employment Center – candidates) exist? In turn, Roman Sarzhinskiy, Director of the State Educational Institution “Odesa Vocational Education Center of the State Employment Service“; told about the new possibilities of the State Educational Institution “Odesa Vocational Education Center of the State Employment Service, in particular, obtaining licenses for new professions and opportunities for further training.

Business representatives joined to our dialogue and had the opportunity to raise an exciting question for each representative of the government. We hope that our meeting was informative and had an useful insights for everyone.

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