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The EBA International Discussion “Global Challenges & Local Responses”

There was an international discussion "Global Challenges & Local Responses" initiated by the European Business Association. Together with business representatives from six countries, we discussed current economic issues at the global and national levels, effective support measures for local companies, and plans for business development after the crisis.

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Jason Collins, CEO, European Australian Business Council Chair, European Business Organisations Worldwide

Lauri Veijalainen, CEO, East Office for Finnish Industries

Geraldine Smeets, Executive Director, Eurocamara Argentina and Secretary-General, EBO Worldwide Network

Sven-Eric Batenburg, Director Legal & International Affairs, European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (and Member, EBO Worldwide Network)

Stefan Kaegebein, Regional director Eastern Europe, German Eastern Business Association

Anna Derevyanko
, Executive Director of the European Business Association

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