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The EBA online discussion “Coronavirus. New reality: Updates and tips for business”

The coronavirus outbreak triggers a never-ending flow of information on health care and personal protection. Very often, important advice gets lost in the overload of ridiculous myths and fake news. Surely, responsible businesses cannot let themselves be misled when making decisions that affect people’s health. Therefore, our speaker, Kateryna Bulavinova, a UNICEF Health Expert, will navigate you through the topic of coronavirus in the context of the Ukrainian health system.

Issues to discuss:

  • What decisions can business managers make to protect themselves, employees and clients from COVID-19?
  • How to reorganize business activities to minimize the risk of infection?
  • What companies can do to help the outbreak responseon state and local level?
  • Symptoms and actions if you develop any signs of COVID-19?
  • What to do if one of the employees is found infected in the workplace?
  • What to expect from the coronavirus situation in the nearest future?
  • Not only COVID-19: how to protect staff and clients from other infections?
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