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Business does not support the rollback of fiscalization reform

The European Business Association has always supported the need to create transparent, equal, and civilized conditions for doing business in Ukraine, including the introduction of European practices for the fiscalization of settlement operations. The EBA experts actively participated in the development and adoption of the so-called de-shadowing laws at the end of last year, namely, Laws №128-IX and №129-IX on software PTRs, transparent business rules, and strengthening consumer protection.

At the same time, there are concerns about a possible rollback of fiscalization reform, which will take place in case of the adoption of draft laws №3853-1 and №3853-2 registered in the Verkhovna Rada. These documents provide for the abolition not only of the possibility for consumers to verify the authenticity of the fiscal check and receive compensation, but also the obligation of the businesses, that are on a simplified tax system, to use cash registers. It also concerns the businesses that work in risky industries such as machinery and drugs. Therefore, a press conference organized by the European Business Association took place in Interfax, where business representatives discussed the current situation and the possible consequences of the rollback of fiscalization reform.

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