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EBA Lviv & Mind Investment Club: How to invest in Ukraine?

date: 29/06/2019

Traditional EBA networking event at Leopolis Jazz Fest in 2019 happened to be one of the most representative by national and foreign business. In cooperation with Mind.UA and Advice Group, we managed to gather prominent economist, bankers, and finance market players to talk about promising investment opportunities in Ukraine. We thank Eugene Shpytko (Mind UA), Anton Podilchak (Advice Group), Roman Matys (Lviv Oblast State Administration) for moderation, our wonderful leaders of financial thoughts – Volodymyr Lavrenchuk (Raiffeisen Bank Aval), Sergiy Fursa (Dragon Capital), Hlib Vyshlinsky (Center for Economic Strategy), Oleksandr Romanishyn (Reactor), Sergyi Goncharevych (Capital Times) – for your experience, expertise and time!

Together we can create great projects!



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