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EBA Dnipro Life Class: ENJOYnomics

date: 11/09/2019

Photo: Sergiy Divieev

“Think about what you like to do the most and what brings you pleasure? And just do it more often! This is a big step to a happy every day.” – This is one of the tips of Volodymyr Naumenko, the speaker of the event.

Next. The people around you. Do they bring you positive emotions, inspiration, laughter, energy? Either, on the contrary, do you just hear whining and complaining or are you exhausted from communicating with them? If so – stop this communication, because these are toxic people and this kind of environment will only disserve you.

What about goals? Do you set goals? Do you know how to set goals correctly? Do not forget the basic principles from Volodymyr Naumenko: the goals must be YOUR OWN (what you want, not someone else); write down in detail, put a deadline, write an action plan, and include fanaticism to achieve the goals!

We talked about different things. The main things we have received are motivation, understanding how to act and that we need to value our “today”.



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