EBA Kharkiv Online Expert Talk: Lease. Investments. Quarantine as the Black Swan for the Real Estate Market

07/ 04/ 2020

In the webinar, Igor Balaka, the Head of the Real Estate, Investments and Strategic Development Committee of the EBA Kharkiv, Director of Krona Company, shared information about the Real Estate Market of Kharkiv. Due to the quarantine, the secondary market has slowed down and 41% of the realtors delayed the transactions or reduced prices to 20%. Primary residence is being offered at a discount of 10-12 % for the moment. The commercial properties market remains stable, while 70-80% of the sellers didn’t cut down the prices. “The Real Estate Market cannot crash in the short-term period. The changes could take place during 3-6 months depending on the quarantine scenarios, » says Igor.

Sergiy Silchenko, Head of Business Consulting Practice of the ILF Law Firm, introduced the participants to the current state of the rental market.

Many thanks to the speakers for the interesting discussion!


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Sergiy Silchenko
Partner of ILF Law Firm
Igor Balaka
The Head of the EBA Real Estate, Investment and Strategic Development Committee in Kharkiv, Krona PPF Director General
Sergiy Silchenko
Igor Balaka


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