The sale of essential goods should be allowed

25/ 03/ 2020

On March 16, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued the Resolution №211 which bans the operation of businesses taking visitors for the period until April 3. These are shopping centers and other entertainment establishments. The restrictions do not apply to retail stores specialized in food, fuel, hygiene products, medicines and medical goods, means of communication. Selling points and food services (delivery only) are also allowed if their employees are provided with the necessary equipment for personal protection.

At the same time, some decisions at the local level significantly restricted the list of goods allowed for sale. For example, in such cities as Lutsk, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Bila Tserkva, Kolomyia, only pharmacies, and grocery stores can continue their operations. Thus, products such as detergents (soap, antibacterial soap, etc.), cleaning products (chlorine, disinfectant, etc.), hygiene products (including toothpaste, gels, shampoos, baby cosmetics, wet and antibacterial wipes, household rubber gloves, etc.), matches, garbage bags, diapers for adults and children, feminine hygiene products, paper sanitary goods and others became out of reach for consumers in half of the regions in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the clarifications of companies regarding the norms of the Resolution №211 are not considered, or the companies simply receive a refusal with reference to the relevant decisions of local state authorities.

Moreover, in addition to the protocols of closing stores selling such products, the police started to issue protocols to close specific departments in the stores. As of today, the business community is aware of dozens of such cases.

Furthermore, the Resolution leaves behind household goods which people use on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to include in the decree the possibility of selling this type of product.

The European Business Association appeals to the Government to amend promptly the Resolution № 211 by extending the list of goods allowed for sale. At the same time, we ask the local authorities to review the decisions made by the local councils and stop imposing additional unjustified restrictions.


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