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Message to our readers from the Kyiv Post, CEO, Luc Chénier

09/ 12/ 2021
  I am eager to update you all on the latest developments during this exciting, but challenging period in the Kyiv Post’s 26-year history.  KYIV POST RETURNING ONLINE STARTING WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8 The Kyiv Post will resume daily online news coverage starting December 8. We have gathered a team of passionate and experienced journalists who share the Kyiv Post’s values and commitment to quality journalism which will provide comprehensive news, insights, opinions, and entertainment. Beginning on Wednesday, December 8, we will continue our mission to provide international and domestic audiences with essential coverage of Ukrainian affairs and to remain a beacon of democracy and objectivity.  I am truly grateful for all the support and feedback we have received from our readers in recent weeks, and thank you for your patience as we complete our restructuring efforts and increase our news coverage over the following weeks/months. We look forward to continuing our constructive dialog as we move forward together. SUBSCRIPTION REFUNDS As many of you are aware, the Kyiv Post has made the strategic decision to remove its paywall and make all our content freely available online to as wide an international audience as possible. We respect the decision of some subscribers to cancel their subscription following the temporary suspension of publication on November 8, while others were affected by a subsequent technical error leading to further cancelations. We apologize to all subscribers inconvenienced by this technical error. We are committed to making sure none of our subscribers suffers financially due to recent changes at the Kyiv Post. I can now confirm that refunds have begun and will continue until all qualified subscribers will be refunded. We are in close contact with our global payment processing provider, who has assured us that they will be processing all refund payments as quickly as possible.  We thank you for your patience on this important matter and assure you that the Kyiv Post respects your financial rights to obtain a prompt and accurate refund based on your subscription status. THE KYIV POST:  AMPLIFYING UKRAINES GLOBAL VOICE Everyone at the Kyiv Post is inspired by our slogan: Ukraine’s Global Voice. These three words capture the essence of our mission as a media bridge between Ukraine and the wider world. For more than a quarter of a century, the Kyiv Post has been the go-to English-language source for coverage of all things Ukrainian. This rich tradition will remain at the core of everything we do in the years ahead. We believe the time has come to expand the reach of the Kyiv Post into additional languages in order to reach even more readers around the world. During 2022-23, we plan to incorporate several new Kyiv Post services offered in a range of languages including French, Arabic, Ukrainian, German, and Russian allowing us to more fully realize our mission of serving as Ukraine’s Global Voice. I hope this update answers some of the many questions I have received over the past few weeks since returning to my position as CEO of the Kyiv Post. The level of interest in the future of the Kyiv Post has been phenomenal and has underlined the importance of the role we have to play in Ukraine’s continued democratic development.  We are thrilled to be resuming our news coverage and welcome your feedback as we enter a new chapter in the Kyiv Post story. I would like to end by personally encouraging you to email me with all your thoughts, ideas, comments, and critiques.   Luc Chénier CEO, Kyiv Post CEO@kyivpost.com

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