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Fozzy Group is one of the largest commercial and industrial groups in Ukraine. It is the one of the leaders in the sphere of products and household goods trading and has a chain of supermarkets “Silpo” and ” Le Silpo “, discounter supermarkets «THRASH!», wholesale hypermarkets Fozzy, convenience in-house stores and supermarkets “Fora” and “Favore”. In Fozzy Groups trade chains there is represented a wide number of goods under own brands such as “Premіya”, «Premіya Riki Tiki», “Premіya Select», «Повна чаша”, “Повна чарка», «Protex», «Зелена країна”, «Лавка традицій», SKADI DELICIOUS NORDIC FISH, «Богуславна» etc. Fozzy Group trades also with Non-food products: the pharmaceutical supermarkets “Bіla Romashka”, and the net of personal electronics trading «Ringoo». One of the other business interests is banking sector (Fozzy Group is one of the main shareholder of PJSC «Bank Vostok»). The major industrial enterprises of Fozzy Group are Nijinsky canning plant, poultry “Varto”, bakery and confectionery “Boguslavsky foodstuffs factory”, fish production “Vohni Hestii”, restaurants – “Y Chromogo Pola”, “Staromak”, “POSITANO”, cafe «Boulangerie».

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