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Prologue TD

  • Segment: Distributor, Wholesale trade
  • Country of origin: Ukraine
  • In Association since: 2010 year
  • Chief: Roman Hural
  • Contact the company

The enterprise is official distributor of AKZO NOBEL (Sweden) road chemicals: Redicote® emulsifiers for production of all types of bitumen emulsions; Wetfix® and Diamine® adhesion promoters for road bitumens and bitumen emulsions; Rediset® WMX multifunctional additive for road bitumen modification;
We are rendering services on: Testing and formulation development for bitumen emulsions, as well as on slurry mix design; Determination of adhesion index of bitumen with surface of glass; Training of customers’ lab personnel. (The work is performed by specialized road laboratory). For road companies we propose: Specialized distillated road bitumens from NYNAS AB, Sweden; Sasobit sructuring additive for road bitumen modification and Bituglide release agent from SASOL WAX GmbH, Germany – to lubricate road rollers and trucks bins; Natural and synthetic latex from ALGOL CHEMICALS, Sweden – for bitumen and bitumen emulsion modification; Grikol anti-icing additive developed by RosDorNII, Russia – for hot and cold asphalt concrete mixes; Anti-caking agent for salt (to be used for winter road maintenance); Mesh Track metal mesh from BEKAERT S.A., Belgium – to reinforce and improve the load-carrying capacity of road using technology named Bitufor (Mesh Track metal mesh + Slurry Seal); Industrial and laboratory equipment for bitumen emulsion production and testing (manufactured by DENIMO TECH A/S, Denmark); Road machinery for surface dressing and pothole patching (manufactured by TRANS-MASZ S.A. / MADROG CONSTRUCTION Sp z. o. o., Poland); We are rendering/suppor ting services on guarantee/routine maintenance of the equipment and road machinery.

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