KYIV NOT KIEV: Avakov & Police Brutality; IMF & External Governance; and what stands for FLOU?

12/ 06/ 2020

Seems like the coronavirus is not the single trouble, hitting the world today. Outrage by the police abuse – the new development that went viral these days not only in the US, but in Ukraine as well. In the new episode of “KYIV NOT KIEV. Season 2” Tetiana Gaiduk and Polina Boichuk reveal the main reasons for the outrage and also point out the main perpetrator of the story – Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov. The notorious minister is is the longest-serving top official in the government and is being called as Ukraine’s «most powerful» minister by the President. 

Among the other updates for the week are the IMF final decision on the further cooperation with Ukraine and the changes in the Trilateral Contact Group negotiating the war in Eastern Ukraine – with both working in favor of the country. Keep watching for the details. 

In the context of Zelenskyy’s initiative to institutionalize the status of the First Lady, the girls from TRUMAN Agency team have invited an expert in the topic Roman Petyur to sort out why this initiative is controversial.

#KyivNotKiev features most recent highlights from Ukraine including: updates on the Ukraine-U.S. relations, internal political developments, economy, culture and behind the scenes insights. For each of the news, #KyivNotKiev provides its short analysis and explains what that or another event means for Ukraine and for its international partners; and why it is important to follow the news from Ukraine. Watch the new episodes each Thursday at 10pm (Kyiv time). And remember – KYIV NOT KIEV!

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