Handling Objections And Closing

31/ 05/ 2017

Author: Andrii Kyshchynskyi, 18 years of experience in sales, personnel management, former Director of Sales Department

Many salesperson are afraid of objections and instead of handling them, they just let clients go. It is important to understand, that a real valid objection is a very strong buying signal. But how to differentiate between a valid objection and objection which sounds “no”?

Professional salesperson must have great questioning abilities to know how to ask the right questions in order to know which strategy and technique to use. Effectively asked questions will help to find the gaps in buying conditions and give enough information to the salesperson to be able to handle the objection tailor-made for the client.

After processing of objections the seller should clearly fix the closing of the transaction. A very common problem when this is not done, because sellers are afraid of refusal. To overcome this, the seller should have enough self-confidence to ask questions and respond to objections and refusals.

As a result of the training, participants will gain an understanding of the real role of objections and trust in sales, increase personal effectiveness in handling objections, and will successfully close transactions.

Working with objections and closing the transaction is part of the big learning concept of Develor, which called “Situational Sales”. The concept that helps salespeople in the sales process to feel themselves comfortable, confident and to achieve their goals using the most optimal and effective approaches.

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