Open Lecture: Design Thinking: Conversion of Knowledge into Actions

  • Date: 23/01/2019
  • Language: Russian
  • Time: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Fee:free of charge for EBA members

EBA Kyiv Office, 1A Andriyivskyi Uzviz

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Research Group Institute for the Future with 50 years experience in future forecasting described 11 key skills for every person to master till 2020. These personal, social and analytical skills form a basis for collaboration in new world. ​Among them there is Design Thinking skill. Still the most important is not only acquiring knowledge, but also applying them wittily and systematically. It’s meaningful not to know about new skills but practice them. How Design Thinking framework would help to manage numerous complex information, just received knowledge to apply them easily for solving business challenges.​ 

EBA Management Development Centre Team, together with Kateryna Kovalenko and Natali Volkova, invite you to join the Open Lecture: Design Thinking: Conversion of Knowledge into Actions. Does not matter what industry or role you represent: team lead, partner, project manager or head of department.​ But it matters are you ready to learn and develop yourself, support and encourage your colleagues, adapt processes or change yourself to achieve business ambitions in the modern rhythm.


  • Kateryna Kovalenko, Independent consultanttutor in Business School;
  • Natali Volkova, Chief Culture Office, Die Kulturträger.

Partner: Kultuträger

Target audience: team leaders, partners, project managers or heads of departments.​ 

Topics under discussion:

  • What is Design Thinking, value of the methodology and how you can practice it daily to convert knowledge into actions.
  • Design Thinking as an instrument to master, respond to new knowledge quickly.
  • Design Thinking as a way not only for product or services creationbut as a framework for information processing supporting you in decision takingintegrating new knowledgeconditionsopportunitiesengaging and counting all stakeholders’ interests (customerpartneremployeeexternal communities).


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Kateryna Kovalenko
Independent consultant, tutor in Business School, professional areas: HR/ Innovation Management/ Marketing/ Communications/ Design Thinking, certified facilitator of Design Thinking. Has international certification of HRCI, Senior Professional in HR - International, Global Development
Natali Volkova
Chief Culture Officer, Die Kulturträger, 5 years of consulting experience in the transformation of people's behavior for international brands, head of the department which is engaged in trend-watching and anthropological research, within the project Die Kulturträger (formerly Trendwatching Ukraine)
Kateryna Kovalenko
Natali Volkova

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