Training: Developing Creative Thinking

Nowadays companies need teams that are able to generate new ideas, solve non-standard tasks and support innovations. This training helps the participants to develop creative thinking. 

EBA Management Development Centre invite you to join the Training: Developing Creative Thinking, during which the participants will experience methods of general development of creativity and tools for creating the appropriate innovative ideas.

Trainer: Olga Shapovalova, Certified Business and Life Coach by Master Coach Ukraine (EMCC), 10 years of working with innovative projects and teams.

Target audience: everyone who wants to develop creative thinking, as well as those who strive to improve their skills on creativity

As a result of the training the participants will:

  • practice the most effective ways to activate creative thinking;
  • identify priority tools for development of creativity and improvement of brainwork;
  • experience team and individual techniques for generating ideas;
  • learn how to motivate and engage the team into the innovation process;
  • receive a plan and a list of opportunities for further daily development

Topics under discussion:

Creative thinking: from theory to development

  • Brain work principles and  how to increase its efficiency
  • Creativity characteristics, their measurement and development
  • Anti-innovation barriers and methods of overcoming them
  • Express method of creativity development

Team creativity

  • Brainstorming (process of searching for the ideas and methods for boosting the meetings)
  • Brainwriting (two methods to find the right ideas with the help of writing)
  • Bodystorming (experience in prototyping)

Idea generation methods

  • Useful questions
  • Synectics and analogies
  • Focal object technique
  • Morphological table
  • Walt Disney chairs
  • Edward de Bono 6 hats
  • Inversion

Visualization of the ideas

  • Prototyping and testing
  • Mind Maps
  • Thinking bubbles

Effective techniques for selection ideas 

  • Goal compass
  • Venn diagram


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Olga Shapovalova
Certified Business and Life Coach by Master Coach Ukraine (EMCC), 10 years of working with innovative projects and teams
Olga Shapovalova

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