EBA-Asters Legal Development Programme (EBA-Asters Legal School EBA-Asters)

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About the Programme

“Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus” – 
Ми повинні бути рабами закону, щоб стати вільними (Цицерон)

The modern civilized world is governed by the rule of law and lawyers are the closest representatives of the law. The main goal of legal professionals is to symbolize the legislation of the country and protect the interests of their clients.

EBA-Asters Legal Development Programme (EBA-Asters Legal School) is a new educational product aimed at forming fundamentally new legal skills both for lawyers practicing in the field of legal support and legal protection of business, as well as, for managers with appropriate education. The structure and content of the programme is primarily aimed at advancing knowledge of the professionals with full set of integrated legal skills, who practice in the field of law and are related to the functional part of the legislation.



  • Improve your skills in ensuring compliance in relationship among suppliers, distributors and clients
  • Get acquainted with the main legal issues related to outstaffing in Ukraine
  • Discover the opinion of one of the most experienced in-house legal counsels in Ukraine  on customer rights protection
  • Learn the main novelties of bankruptcy procedures from the Supreme Court’s judge
  • Gain professional skills and qualifications in regulation of LLC activities in Ukraine
  • Acquire the skills of effective communication with the counterparty based on best practices of one of the most experienced lawyers in Ukraine


  • Legal practitioners
  • In-house (company) lawyers and managers who would like to improve their legal awareness or further enhance their legal knowledge
  • Everybody, who is eager to broaden and deepen the skills and professional qualifications in law


Module 1. Competition Law. Vertical Agreements: Compliance in Relationship between a Supplier and Distributors, Clients – March 05 – Maria Paias

  • Key principles of the relationship in different areas
  • Practical cases
  • Protection against risks

Module 2. Outstaffing: at the Intersection of Employment and Criminal Law – March 19 – Sergiy Grebenyuk, Orest Stasiuk, Inesa Letych

  • Current legal issues related to outstaffing in Ukraine
  • Current focus of investigations on outstaffing and risks for companies
  • Weaknesses of outstaffing models

Module 3. Consumer Care – a Lawyer’s View on Customer Rights Protection – April 02 – Anna Zharova

  • Features of interaction with consumers
  • Warranty service and other obligations of the company
  • “Legal” consumer journey

Module 4. Changes in Bankruptcy Procedures and Their Impact on Business in Ukraine – April 16 – Sergey Zhukov

Module 5. The LLC law: Promised so Much, but Delivered so Little? – May 14 – Leonid Antonenko, Oles Kvyat

  • Overview of the most pressing issues regarding regulation of LLC activities

Module 6. Effective Communication with the Counterparty – May 28 – Oleksiy Reznikov

  • Key components of effective communication with the counterparty on examples of specific cases


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Maria Paias
Legal Director, L’Oreal Ukraine, 20 years of experience as in-house lawyer supporting big international companies in Ukraine (Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, GlaxoSmithKline, L’Oreal)
Sergiy Grebenyuk
Partner, Asters Criminal Law Practice
Orest Stasiuk
Counsel, Asters
Inesa Letych
Counsel at Asters, has over 12 years of practical experience in labour law
Anna Zharova
Legal and Compliance, Philips with 10 years of experience in international companies in Ukraine (Danone, Unilever, Philips)
Sergiy Zhukov
Supreme Court , Judge, Economic Court of Cassation
Leonid Antonenko
Asters Of Counsel (specializes in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance law, capital markets)
Oles Kvyat
Asters Counsel (specializes in business and corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring and bankruptcy)
Oleksii Reznikov
Focuses on alternative dispute resolution; listed among Top 30 Most Successful Attorneys in Ukraine, awarded The Merited Lawyer of Ukraine honorary title, 2006
Maria Paias
Sergiy Grebenyuk
Orest Stasiuk
Inesa Letych
Anna Zharova
Sergiy Zhukov
Leonid Antonenko
Oles Kvyat
Oleksii Reznikov


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