Development Programme on Sales-Management

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About the Programme

Holacracy is another boring (and fashionable) Western management theory. There are a lot of negative examples and contradictions of its effectiveness  in the network. But it was like this before.

EBA Management Development Centre together with White Sales launch an absolutely new Development programme on Sales-Management which is based on  the own experience of the creator of the company, cases of its customers and offers a unique product management that has gone through the stages from sales reorganization services for the business to the “White sales” philosophy, that brings happiness both to the customer and to the seller and prohibits cold calls, spam, tough negotiations, kickback schemes , etc.

During the programme you will:

  • get acquainted with automated sales tools: CRM, sip-telephony, cloud services;
  • understand, how to work according to the “Kanban system” for developing a sales algorithm based on it;
  • get life-hacks and useful recommendations on management of the sales department: a flexible time, % of income for the whole team and abandonment from the hierarchy;
  • understand how to create and update sales teams, introducing “green” and “yellow” sales departments into the “red” companies.


  • everyone who negotiates and takes part in the sale of expensive, complex, high-tech equipment, services, solutions, goods;
  • sales managers;
  • technical specialists involved in the negotiations (engineers, technologists, etc.);
  • regional managers;
  • commercial directors;
  • sales department managers.

Module 1: Sales Holacracy & System – February, 13 2020

Sales holacracy

  • Slavery? Why do companies use management originally from Ancient Egypt? Hierarchy, hourly rate wage, fines, basic salary, trainings, corporate parties.
  • Evolution? Stages of development of organizations. How to develop a team in your company.
  • Subconsciousness. Why are system and culture more important than knowledge and experience?


  • The social contract. Constitution, commandments, rules, standards that can replace a head.
  • The Conveyor. The algorithm for building sales in the Kanban system. The client’s path through the entire company (everyone sells in the company).
  • Sales Book. What to do with any routine action: steps, checklists and scripts. Separation of a complex process into simple actions.

Module 2: People and Tools – February, 14 2020


  • Structure. How to replace the hierarchy? What roles are needed? How to share responsibility?
  • Motivation. Specific goals (no plans), fair payment (no basic salary) and transparent management (no fraud).
  • Mentoring. System control, fixing system bugs and developing individual team skills. 


  • Choice and implementation of CRM. Schemes, technical specifications and startup algorithm.
  • All new calls (phone, messengers, email, forms) get to the Conveyor (in CRM), all subsequent ones are attached to transactions (in CRM).
  • How to free the team’s time and brain from routine and automate all operational processes: identifying needs, offers, correspondence, invoices.


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Valentyn Yaromenko
general director of the Sales consulting company “White Sales”, owner of the largest educational project on sales in Ukraine “White Sales School”, founder of “Creators”, author of white sales philosophy
Valentyn Yaromenko


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