Development Programme on Public Speaking

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About the Programme

It is well-known that the fear of public speaking is one of the strongest fears. In fact, fear is a natural defensive function of the body. It is impossible to get rid of it completely, even for those who are involved in public performances. However, knowing how to convincingly speak, gain the attention of the audience, and overcome uncertainty and fear – things that you can learn. And that can be improved by practicing.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Oleksandr Zayoma launch a new season of Development Programme on Public Speaking that will help you improve your skills in public speaking and learn its key principles. During the intensive 2-days programme you will learn how to properly build a speech around the idea, how to make a good first impression, how to create a correct structure of a speech, and how to answer the questions of the audience without worries.


1. Everything starts with trust

  • How to be trustworthy to yourself, the product, the company
  • How to arrange communication well and enjoyable for the companion and for yourself
  • How to use the strength of the first impression

2. Body language

  • What to look  in the non-verbal component of communication for and why it is worth doing
  • How to control the body to look more convincing and clearer
  • How to gesticulate to enhance speech and make it more understandable and attractive

3. Speech

  • How to make speech clearer, cleaner and expressive
  • How to control the voice efficiently and effectively
  • How to properly use pauses, intonations and logical accents

4. Structure and content

  • Where to start, how to continue and finish the conversation, presentation, message
  • Structures for argumentation and pitching ideas
  • What to look for when preparing the content of the conversation and speech

5. Questions and Answers

  • What to do and speak when asking provocative questions
  • How to develop flexibility, speed and accuracy in responses to tricky questions
  • How to learn to improvise better

Format of work:

  • interactive lecture;
  • demonstration;
  • group and individual practice;
  • video recording and analysis;
  • feedback and individual recommendations.

Target audience: heads of business branches, senior and middle management, marketing and PR-specialists, sales and business development managers. 


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Oleksandr Zayoma
Presentation Skills Coach
Oleksandr Zayoma


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