Online-Development Programme on Emotional Intelligence as a Management Tool without Pressure

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About the Programme

How to become the most efficient manager in business while balancing between today’s fast priorities and being able to live a fulfilling life?

The modern world dictates new conditions, keeps the trend of constant changes busy and dynamic, demanding to be one step ahead of the competitors. All these factors deal with the new requirements to the team, which is the main resource of business. However, often the things that seem to be obvious for the management, face strong opposition and misunderstanding from employees. Subjective factors ruin objective plans while forming barriers of resistance. Thus, even for the real leader it is difficult at times to enhance the intrinsic motivation of the team to move towards the aim smoothly and rapidly, mastering the personal resources.

EBA Management Development Centre together with Marianna Lutsiv is launching a renewed Online-Development Programme on Emotional Intelligence as a Management Tool without Pressure. This Online-programme covers practical and effective management technologies which are based on the competencies of emotional intelligence and constitute the basic arsenal of every successful business owner and manager.


Business owners, senior and junior managers, HR managers, PR and marketing professionals.


  • Understand the importance and significance of emotional intelligence as a component of personal success;
  • Obtain tools and technologies to diagnose and influence the formation of a positive emotional field in the team;
  • Learn how to form the effective impact criteria based on emotional leadership that will help to shape successful LEADERSHIP behavior in today’s competitive market environment;
  • Develop tools to increase manager effectiveness through mastering management tools to influence the team;
  • Get acquainted with the most effective management technologies of situational management, taking into account the level of maturity of the employee and his/her competence;
  • Be able to understand the nature and types of influence, as well as learn how to diagnose and resist manipulation.

Having successfully finished the Online-programme, participants will receive certificates of completion.


MODULE 1. The notion of personal effectiveness and its meaning in the concept of emotional intelligence:

  • Emotional and conceptual intelligence – zones of influence on the “index of personal and corporate happiness”.
  • Values ​​and beliefs as a marker of results.
  • Internal personal barriers that limit the effectiveness or “why there is no intention of changing anything”.
  • Technology-driven changes – “feel the difference between TO THINK, TO KNOW, TO BE ABLE TO DO and TO DO”.
  • The four components of emotional leadership or “easy about complicated”.
  • The Bar-On Concept of emotional intelligence. Components of emotional competence and its manifestation in life.
  • The emotional tone scale by L. R. Hubbard. The study of emotions “under a microscope”: peculiarities, laws of development and consequences.
  • The reasons of emotional burnout. STOP STRESS technology.
  • Internal self-motivation. How to light a fire of desires and live according to your own scenario.

MODULE 2. The methods of influence and management by the competence of emotional leadership:

  • Empathy – a tool for building “bridges of trust”.
  • Empathic listening. Basic secrets and mistakes.
  • Diagnosis and understanding the emotions, needs, motives, values of others as an arsenal of influence.
  • Analysis of opponent’s settings.
  • Transformation technologies of the emotional state of the audience (team) as the main tool of influence and management.
  • 5 Secrets of charisma.
  • 7 Key aspects of EQ strength in leadership.

MODULE 3. Situational management or management without pressure:

  • The concept of situational management or what management without pressure means.
  • Management styles: “When to implement?”, “How to act?”.
  • Diagnosis of situational factors in management. WHAT to refer and HOW to diagnose them.
  • Stages of employee competency development and the relationship with management technology.
  • Three basic skills of an effective situational leader.
  • Barbaric, manipulative and civilized influence – criteria and specificity.
  • Specificity of assertive behavior. Basic rights of the assertive personality. 10 rules of being “smart selfish”.
  • The power of the individual. Key indicators of the leader’s impact with a high rate of EQ.


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Marianna Lutsiv
Business trainer, Human Resource Management Consultant, with 10 years of operational management experience as HRD of multinational and national companies, owner of a business school for children and adolescents «MiniBoss Business School Kiev».
Marianna Lutsiv


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