EBA-Asters Online Legal Development Programme (EBA-Asters Legal School)

About the Programme

“Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus” – 
We are all the servants of the law so that we may be able to be free.


The modern civilized world is governed by the rule of law and lawyers are the closest representatives of the law. The main goal of legal professionals is to symbolize the legislation of the country and protect the interests of their clients.

EBA-Asters Legal Development Programme (EBA-Asters Legal School) is a new educational product aimed at forming fundamentally new legal skills both for lawyers practicing in the field of legal support and legal protection of business, as well as, for managers with an appropriate education. The structure and content of the programme is primarily aimed at advancing knowledge of the professionals with a full set of integrated legal skills, who practice in the field of law and are related to the functional part of the legislation.



  • Legal practitioners.
  • In-house (company) lawyers and managers who would like to improve their legal awareness or further enhance their legal knowledge.
  • Everybody, who is eager to broaden and deepen the skills and professional qualifications in law.


  • Learn the owner’s view on corporate governance in private companies.
  • Get to know how to protect your company in case of the AMC’s down raid.
  • Get insights on the latest developments in the cooperation of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and businesses.
  • Learn whether the Ukrainian law supports remote work.
  • Get practical experience in avoiding pitfalls when selecting and working with distributors.
  • Get the update on the IP rights protection reform and its impact on doing business in Ukraine.


Module 1. Corporate governance in private companies. Owner’s view – 15 September – Artem Saprykin.

Module 2. Down raids of the AMC: legal rules, practical aspects and protection of of undertakings – 22 September – Oleksandr Voznyuk.

  • Grounds and procedure for down raids, rights and obligation of raiding officers and raided parties, access to computers and other data storages, arrest and seizure of evidence, request for verbal explanations, limitations of the authority of raiding officers, requirements to procedural documents.
  • Ensuring protection of the company in the event of down raid, rules for guiding the company through the down raid procedure, distribution of functions and tasks of the guiding team.
  • Conduct of employees during the down raids, rules for providing/recording verbal explanations, providing documents and other data, available remedies.
  • Post down raid checklist.

Module 3. Law enforcement and business security. What to be expected – 29 September – Sergiy Grebenyuk.

  • Stages of establishment of Bureau of Economic Security and of reform of the SSU.
  • Analysis of the latest trends, cases and approaches of law enforcement agencies.
  • Effectivness of institutions, which helps to defend business (Business Ombudsman, Department of protection of investments of the Office of Prosecutor General).

Module 4. Remote work: does law support ”new normal”? – 6 October – Kateryna Marchenko, Inesa Letych.

  • Work from home and distance working: current legal regulation.
  • Best practices, new challenges and legal deadlocks.
  • Does legislative proposals meet expectations of business?

Module 5. Distributors Guidance: how to avoid pitfalls when selecting and working with distributors – 13 October – Olena Limakova.

  • Potential risks. Processes to be established and observed.
  • Practices that should not be entered into. Practices where legal clearance is needed.
  • Selection of distributors.
  • Anticompetitive agreements, аbuse of dominance.
  • Discounts.
  • Marketing services provided by distributors.
  • Channel management.
  • Internal and external communications.
  • Sharing commercially sensitive information.

Module 6. Protection of intellectual property rights in the context of reforms – 20 October – Julia Semeniy.

  • The outcome upon a year: does it all work?
  • The Appeal Chamber and contesting intellectual property registration out of court.
  • Trademarks  – grounds to refuse and contest registration.
  • Designs – multiple applications and conditions for legal protection. Trolling?
  • Patent reform.


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Artem Saprykin
Head of Legal at Roshen
Oleksandr Voznyuk
Asters Partner, focuses on competition law issues as well as public procurement issues
Sergiy Grebenyuk
Partner, Asters Criminal Law Practice
Kateryna Marchenko
Deputy legal manager UA&MD, FE “Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited”
Inesa Letych
Counsel at Asters, co-leader of the Labour Law Practice, has over 15 years of practical experience in labor law
Olena Limakova
Head of Legal Sandoz Ukraine and Eurasia sub-cluster
Julia Semeniy
Asters Partner, Patent attorney, Attorney at law
Artem Saprykin
Oleksandr Voznyuk
Sergiy Grebenyuk
Kateryna Marchenko
Inesa Letych
Olena Limakova
Julia Semeniy


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