Environmental Monitoring of Boryslav City: Ukrainian and Finnish Mission

10/ 07/ 2020


Since the ancient times Boryslav is an industrial state, oil treasury, hidden at the foothills of Carpathian mountains. It is the only city in Ukraine, located directly at the oil field, functioning since XVIII century. In the secondhalf of XIX century there was a real oil and ozokerite fever in the city, starting from 1930, with the 5% of the global oil production located in Boryslav, and since then, solid industrial infrastructure was built, facilitating the industrial development of the region. However, it has specific consequences for the environmental conditions and conditions forliving of the population.

In the history of oil production in Boryslav there were many different stages and methods of production, but the work did not stop even for a day. For a long time the production has been performed with the use of most primitive methods, on the depth up to 200 meters, and then, later, highly productive horisons were explored, and the volumes of produced “black gold” have been growing exponentially.

Unfortunately, long-lasting period of exploitation and deficient methods of work performance since the pre-Soviet and Soviet periods have resulted into significant adverse changes of environmental conditions. According to the results of many researches done within the last decades, uncontrolled oil spills and leakages to the surface have caused  contamination of soil, water and air with toxic substances of hydrocarbon origin. Along with the oil, gas, which is mainly methane, also goes to the surface, and now a large part of the city is in the zone of enhanced gas pollution. Everyone remembers about numerous accidents and emergencies, connected with the functioning of Boryslav deposits, for instance, Oil City accident with its huge oil spill on the well, or, closer to our days – explosion in the basement of apartment building, caused by the accumulation of gas.    

It is always better not only to be fully aware of the current level of environmental pollution and the level of technogenic safety, but also to be able to construe an effective strategy for life and homekeeping in Boryslav. In 2018, Ukrainian-Finnish company Lamor Ukraine LLC, a local partner of the world-famous LAMOR Corporation (Porvoo Finland), offered its assistance to the city. LLC “Lamor Ukraine” implements in Ukraine the world experience of working with hydrocarbon pollution, oil spill response, carrying out environmental monitoring. After a little more than a year, as a result of numerous technical meetings, presentations, joint work with the city authorities and representatives of PJSC “Ukrnafta” (the company that maintains the production in the city), the Parties have drafted and signed a Memorandum and Terms of Reference for the project to conduct environmental monitoring in the territory of Boryslav deposit (city of Boryslav). The largest gas production company of Ukraine, JSC Ukrgazvydobuvannia, also agreed to join the co-financing of the project. Importantly, the project materials were handed over to NEFCO (Northern Environmental Finance Corporation) after several meetings and negotiations, which is also considering the possibility of contributing to the project. And on June 4, 2020 the Agreement on participation in performance of works on comprehencive environmental monitoring was concluded, according to which Lamor UkraineLLC on behalf of Lamor Corporation will carry out comprehencive monitoring of the parameters of environment and an assessment of environmental conditions on the territory of the Borislavske oil field and the city as a whole.

The Agreement was signed due to the great support of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and especially PJSC Ukrnafta, which constantly contributes to well-being of the communities within its licensed area of production and nearby.  A great deal of support was ensured by the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine, which, as every diplomatic andconsular mission of Finland, encourages valuable initiatives, aimed at environmental protection and influencingenvironmentally responsible behavior of people all over the planet.  

The Ambassador of Finland to Ukraine, Päivi Maarit Laine:

«Finland is a reliable partner of Ukraine and supports the development of Ukrainian environmental policies to modern European level. We highly respect the commitment of all the parties involved in environmental monitoring in Boryslav, and hope that the result of this work will be of highest quality. We are confident that the cooperation of Ukrainian and Finnish specialists will lead to an independent assessment of environmental conditions in the region and find technical solutions even for such a unique and complicated case, as Boryslav.»

Deputy Head of the Mission of the Embassy of Finland to Ukraine, Maria Ågren:

«It is a pleasure to see how useful projects the communities are implementing!. I personally had an opportunity to visit Boryslav and to observe negotiations between the parties. I hope that research of soil, water and air, as well as qualitative analysis from LAMOR CORPORATION represented by JV LLC “Lamor Ukraine” will create conditions for the prevention and, if necessary , for eliminating the local crisis situation. On the basis of the  assessment report the government could create national programs of regional ecological development. We are more than happy to support Lamor Ukraine within the framework  „Cleantech Finland”, which is backed by the Government of Finland as a part of Finland’s National Action plan to develop environmental businesses. Combining the right to a safe environment withthe conditions for successful business activities should be a driving force for economic and social development of the region.»

Co-Founder of Lamor Ukraine LLC, Bruno Lete:

«Boryslav is a city with an important history. Today, we are proud at Lamor Ukraine that we can work with the people of Boryslav to write the next chapter in that history. This project will enable specialist from Ukraine and Finland to work together, using modern technologies, and assess the environmental challenges faced by city. This partnership is a unique occasion to make the first step toward a more responsible, healthy an sustainable ecology in Boryslav.»

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