EBA Lviv Ad hoc meeting: “Digital Transformation: Are Cloud Services a Cost Tool for Business?”

16/ 04/ 2020

On April 16, 2020, we had EBA Ad hoc online meeting: Digital Transformation: Are Cloud Services a Cost Tool for Business?

We learned about the following:

  • Digital transformation – it’s not so much about IT as about customers, products, and new approaches in business.
  • Customer – is the center of digital transformation. Two of the three clients change the service provider because of the poor quality of service.
  • Digital transformation is needed for the business to grow faster and compete better.
  • In the current socio-economic situation, IT becomes too expensive for many companies. The only way out is to transform it into a value production center. IT has to bring value and benefit.
  • Technologies help digital transformation, and clouds are its tool. The value of the cloud is in its possibility to solve new business tasks in a more effective way.

Together with Lyubomir Doroshenko, GigaCloud company, we answered the meeting question positively. After all, cloud services are a cost tool for business. The main thing is to understand what space cloud services will take up in the system of business process services and what values they represent.


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