Why the Labor Protection Doesn’t Work and How the Facebook Helped us to Realize It?

05/ 08/ 2019

Oleksandr Ratiy

the Head of RACIO labor protection center

I have got a Facebook page like the most people. And about 1000 friends there. I constantly see in the feed not just their posts, thoughts and photos, but also their likes. People like everything from textbook cats and kids up to political parties, horoscopes and tests like “Learn which sort of grape you are?”.

People generate in megabytes the affinities, likes and emotions. The most interesting about this process is how people consciously and instinctively at the same time form their own network image. Add there what they would like to see in themselves and filtering what they would like to reject from.

Three years ago we have created a Facebook page of our company called “Racio labor protection center.” Facebook. Then I asked my 1000+ friends to put like on this page. I realized that labor protection isn’t a kitten at all, but nevertheless… Within the week the page collected 19 likes. 1,9% of users consider it interesting.

We have been dealing with labor protection and industrial safety issues for almost 10 years. Like everyone in this sphere I started with ordinary briefings, forced employees to learn instructions, take exams, etc. But the experience showed that it works while the manager is present in the field of view of the staff. Even the “labor protection” definition itself provides for the availability of the third party, some “guard” standing behind and protecting the process while someone is working. But just as one turns away people are not just fail to adhere the rules. Moreover they even make some effort not to adhere those rules and be against.

This realization dropped me in depression. To know that the activities you deal with are of no ones interest is at least sad. I realized that safety being one of basic needs of a person can not be a nonsence. So there was something wrong with the method in the “person-rules” interaction system.

I have been thinking a lot about causes and consequences and came to the following conclusion: For many years we have lived in a state system where the freedom of a person (also one of basic needs) could be implemented only in the form of resistence to this system. Noticeable resistance herewith could lead to significant consequences that is the exemption from the party, imprisonment or even execution. Some small manifestations of resistance remained unpunished and unnoticed. And in this way they involved everyone from the janitor up to the head of district committee. Since that very time we walk over the lawns, smoke in the forbidden places and do not belt up in the cars. We are proud of it. This is our own form of protest against the system. It’s out freedom.

There is no more that country and that system. But the old habit is ineradicable. How much time do we need, generation, parties and governments pass before we stop that process and we transform from freddom-loving Khazars into law-abiding Europeans? No one knows.

Labor protection in its classic meaning is the quintessence of the System. A normal person will resist it at the max and just be bored at the min.

Then I decided to perform an experiment: excluded from the procedure the briefings as they are and changed the focus from classical “each page of the instruction is written by someone’s blood” into “sure one can fail to adhere this rule, but then it will be like that”.

After changing the approach each of our training ends with… applauses. Being inspired by such feedback I began to share business cards with an indication of our Facebook page asking for the following: “If you liked our lecture just leave a like, please”. For three years afterwards we have instructed about 4000 persons and collected … 35 likes, 1% of users consider it to be interesting.

Thus having solved one issue we simultaneously faced another one. People like what we do, but they are ashamed of it. Given a little thought about causes of such behavior we concluded that it was the fault of Pavlik Morozov and Oleksandr Matrosov. But that is the different story.

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