Business is against the postponement of detenization norms

25/ 05/ 2020

For many years, the European Business Association has been emphasizing the need to ensure equal rules of the game in the country. At the same time, the Verkhovna Rada has recently registered Draft Law No.3493, which postpones the introduction of norms that foster detenization of the economy from August 1, 2020, to 2023.

Thus, it concerns Law No.128-IX, according to which from August 1 there should be significant changes in protecting the legal business from unfair competition, withdrawing cash, and “gray” goods from the shadow market, improving the efficiency of tax administration and fiscalizing payment transactions. The Law also motivates buyers to avoid “gray” goods by introducing “cashback” mechanism or compensation for the purchase price. Also, this includes the possibility to issue cash at the cash desks of outlets and the use of modern technologies in parallel with traditional cash registers, for example, the software, which can be installed on a mobile phone or other devices to replace cash registers.

Thus, the business will have the opportunity either to use free software on the website of the State Tax Service, write the own software, or buy the software.

In other words, Law No.128-IX allows businesses to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining classic old cash registers. Also, modern software will generate a report automatically. It means that the fiscal server will not be working until the Z-report for the day is generated. Therefore, the issue of fines for late registration of reports will be resolved forever.

Svitlana Mykhailovska EBA Deputy Director for Advocacy
It took the country a long time to make steps towards the detenization of the economy. Therefore, it is extremely important not to cross out positive achievements with an ill-considered decision. Moreover, these norms have already been once postponed. Thus, they were supposed to come into force on April 19 this year with the introduction of new free software for cash registers and convenient possibility to withdraw cash at the checkout. However, one of the "anti-crisis" laws postponed the start of changes to August 1. To ensure equal, functioning, fair rules of the game in the country, it is important that these norms enters into force from August this year, and not be postponed for another three years.

Therefore, the European Business Association appeals to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy and the Government of Ukraine to reject Draft Law No.3493 as the one that negates the qualitative changes adopted in the country and exacerbates the existing difficult situation with the shadow economy. So, we do hope that the voice of a transparent business that pays taxes will be heard!

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