Business needs effective Ukrainian embassies abroad

03/ 09/ 2019

Support in resolving the issue of auto permissions for international transportation to Poland and other EU countries, export development, promotion the Ukrainian IT service industry, support of infrastructure development and other key topics are priority areas in which business needs support from Ukrainian embassies abroad.

Anna Derevyanko Executive Director of the European Business Association
Embassies should play the role of economic leaders, which, on the one hand, open up new opportunities and support the development of Ukrainian business in a particular country, and on the other hand, cooperate with those seeking a niche for investment, offer perspectives on the Ukrainian market, are involved in shaping the image of Ukraine abroad, and defend the legitimate interests of Ukrainian companies in another countries. Today, business often does not even appeal to embassies, as it does not expect to receive competent support. So, there is a lot of space to grow. It is very timely that this issue has been raised and we hope that our embassies will become leaders for Ukrainian business abroad.

Support of the development of Ukrainian exports, according to business, is one of the key blocks. According to the Ministry of Economic Development, exports account for about 50% of GDP. However, embassies could also make an effort to grow this figure. For example, in the food industry, we are talking, for example, about supporting exporters by providing maximum information from competent authorities of other countries in case of specific requirements for food, support in accelerating agreement with the competent authorities of EU countries on the forms of international veterinary certificates and other matters.

In supporting the export of crop products to international markets, particular attention should be paid to Asia, in particular China. Simplifying the barley export process, opening up the Chinese market for agricultural crops – wheat, sorghum, rape, flax, beans and peas from Ukraine would be massively beneficial. In Vietnam, it is important to support the abolition of the 5% duty on imports of Ukrainian products (wheat). When exporting to Indonesia – cancellation of requirements for carrying out heat treatment of cargoes of wheat.

The next block of issues is infrastructure and logistics. In August, Ukrainian entrepreneurs almost exhausted the quotas of permits for international carriage of goods by road in the direction of Poland. Previously, the number of permits issued was at least for 9-10 months, but now some of them have been exhausted during six months. The Association’s Logistics Committee asked the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to raise this issue at the highest level during his meeting with the President of Poland. At the same time, the Polish side has declared a reluctance to raise the quota or to grant at least some additional permits. Therefore, this issue needs support in diplomatic negotiations, including embassies.

Another block is IT and its promotion as a service industry, raising awareness of the IT industry in Ukraine by representatives of Ukraine’s trade and economic missions, providing up-to-date information on the industry and more. This issue is currently on the agenda of the European Business Association’s IT Committee. Historically, because the IT industry is very difficult to understand, diplomats may not always be able to correctly assess the level of IT industry development in Ukraine. Therefore, the Association’s IT Committee aims to make presentations for diplomats during travels abroad.

We hope embassies will become ambassadors of Ukrainian business abroad!

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