Business may not be able to withstand another hard lockdown

19/ 10/ 2020

The situation with coronavirus is deteriorating both in Ukraine and around the world. The business community is well aware of the complexity of Ukraine’s current challenges and is ready to work with the authorities to curb the spread of the virus, but also to minimize the country’s economic downturn.

Thus, the business currently has concerns about the possible reintroduction of severe restrictive measures. Undoubtedly, the health of citizens is a top priority in the current situation. And now the country is taking restrictive measures to achieve it.

However, today it is obviously worth taking balanced and constructive steps – so that to ensure the continuity of the economy.

Anna Derevyanko EBA Executive Director
A lot of businesses are still having a hard time recovering from the first wave of lockdown. However, its re-introduction will force entrepreneurs to "tighten their belts" even more. For large companies, it will mean suspended development and long-term stagnation, while for small businesses it is a matter of survival. Therefore, the business hopes that strict restrictive measures will not be introduced for the second time. After all, the second shutdown of the economy will not bring qualitative consequences for the country, but rather will worsen the crisis.

Thus, there are several ways to address the situation and ensure, as far as possible, a balance between public health and economic health. In addition, when introducing certain rules and restrictions, efforts should be made to ensure quality control over their observance, otherwise, there may be many rules and restrictions, however, they will not bring the expected results. And, unfortunately, control over the implementation of rules in our country is a problematic issue that craves a solution.

Therefore, the business calls to avoid a hard lockdown in the country and to approach any decisions in this context in terms of long-term, strategic planning.


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