Business Board Game CashFlow – a Win-Win Solution for You and the Company

14/ 05/ 2018

Author: Olesia Omelianenko, PR Director, Life&Work Balance

“Take responsibility for your finances or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life.

You are either a master of money or a slave of it. Your choice”

Robert Kiyosaki

Financial business game CashFlow will help you to understand fundamentals of investing and the way to treat your assets in the everyday life. The board game models your way of thinking and investment approach irrespective the amount of money you have and whether you are an experienced investor. At the same time, CashFlow is a game for risk-takers who welcome challenges both professional and individual.

All players at the table start the game from an equal point – all of them have a stable job and salary. However, when the game starts everything changes – some players become richer, others go bankrupt. The game imitates a real life: the players go to work, sell and purchase, get married and divorced, go on vacation, and take other decisions like in an everyday life. If they make a mistake, they have a chance to learn from it and correct it without significant losses. Everyone gets an immediate feedback from the professional trainer who helps analyze and understand what could be done better. In real life, such incorrect decisions are costive and sometimes take away profit or even the whole business.

By playing a CashFlow game, you invest time and efforts in learning from your mistakes and gaining experience. While playing you start to understand your strong and weak points and define which of the decisions you take, make you lose. Within an hour, you start to understand that the board game creates a projection of your real life and simulates your financial management strategy. You finally start to understand why a person with a low salary may become richer than the one with a highly paid job.

A real “play-off” starts the next day after the CashFlow game. Having realized your weak life strategies, you begin to apply the winner strategies into your real life, taking full responsibility for your every decision. CashFlow helps you to form a new consciousness level and create the life you want.

If you have your own business, organizing a corporate CashFlow game for your team will help you to define the most efficient strategy for your business, find the best ways to develop and improve it. In addition, it is a good teambuilding activity, as the game will help you to unite and motivate your team, fill them with inspiration and desire to work together.

  • Cashflow is a gamified learning activity of financial basics.
  • Cashflow is a board and at the same time a business-simulation game, that transforms business thinking.
  • Cashflow is projection of a real life and everyday strategy.
  • Cashflow is a kind of mirror that helps to see your own reflection in business world and analyze your decisions.
  • Cashflow is a chance to get real investing and business experience.

Every day we have a lot of chances that can bring us millions of dollars, but unfortunately we miss these possibilities. CashFlow game helps to catch the chance and take the challenge. The more often you play the game, the more possibilities to get richer you notice and more financial chances you use.

You have a chance to see how you would have spent 40 years of your life, and if you are not happy with, how you would do it, you have a chance to change your life strategy to a more successful one by playing a CashFlow.

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