Consumer Electronics

13/ 12/ 2017

For a long time, the EBA emphasized the necessity to liquidate the so-called “legal holes” that allow unfair entrepreneurs to import into Ukraine goods without paying taxes and customs duties. Such entrepreneurs declare that they import these goods for personal use, but in fact, such products are realized with a commercial purpose.

Thus, the EBA welcomes introduction of specific requirements as a precondition of importing goods on the amount of EUR 500 without paying customs duties and taxes, while crossing the border on train or car. This requirements are foreseen by draft law 6776-d, adopted by the Parliament on 7 December 2017. In particular, the draft law foresees that to enjoy this customs privilege a citizen should (1) stay minimum 24 hours abroad and (2) cross the border at most once in three days.

We believe that these preconditions will help to separate the unfair entrepreneurs form average citizens that have a right to enjoy this customs privilege.


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