Consumer Electronics

19/ 09/ 2017

For a long time, the EBA emphasized the necessity to revise the Government Resolution 992 that provides that importers have to pay so-called copyright levies from certain types of consumer electronics. We constantly paid the attention of state authorities to the fact that the system of distribution of the abovementioned levies isn’t transparent and clear. Besides, we lobbied for necessity to reduce the list of equipment subject to these payments in accordance with the recent developments in technologies. In particular, we proposed to exclude from this list equipment that could make copy only in a digital form.

Thus, the EBA welcomes publication by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine of the draft Government Resolution that foresees revision of copyright levies system payments from electronics in accordance with proposals of the business society. In particular, it proposes to reduce the list of equipment subject to so-called copyright levies payments to video & audio cassettes.

We believe that adoption of the Resolution will have a positive impact on investment attractiveness of Ukraine and hope for its prompt adoption.

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