Wine and Spirits

03/ 12/ 2014

On 27 November 2014, some Draft Laws the EBA lobbied against were withdrawn from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in line with the Parliament’s Regalement:

Wine & Spirits:
Draft Laws: No 1050 dated 12 December 2012, No 1078 dated 13 December 2012, No 1151 dated 21 December 2012, No 1162 dated 25 December 2012, No 1245 dated 11 January 2013, No 2062 dated 21 January 2013; No 2062-1 dated 5 February 2013, and No 1166 dated 25 December.

These Draft Laws contained provisions on unjustified restrictions of trade on alcoholic beverages. Having analysed the provisions thereof, the EBA Wine and Spirits Committee members drew attention to the fact that if adopted in its proposed versions, the Draft Laws will infringe upon the rules of fair business, and would prevent a well-balanced and competitive environment for trade. Moreover, some provisions of the Draft Laws will lead to the illegal market increasing in size. The Association emphasized that rules for trading units’ management are heavily regulated and instead of the introduction of such restrictions, it is necessary to develop an effective system of excisable goods trade management.

We express our sincere gratitude to the EBA member-companies that were involved in the process of the withdrawal of the aforementioned Draft Laws. The Association will continue to advocate the interests of our members as well as to facilitate the introduction and implementation of relevant reforms to ensure business growth in Ukraine.

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