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03/ 11/ 2016

On 26 October 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) adopted the Resolution “On amendment to the CMU Resolutions No 555 dd. 27 July 1995 and No 724 dd. 12 May 2007” No 756. The Resolution approved the new version of Sanitary Rules in Forests of Ukraine and amendments to the Rules of Improving the quality of the forests.

New Sanitary Rules improved mechanism for sanitary and health measures and contributed to the transparency of decision-making on planning sanitary and health measures as well as the legitimacy of purpose for such measures in the forests of Ukraine.

We truly welcome the adoption of the CMU Resolution No 756. The Association expressed conceptual support for these changes and emphasised on the necessity for their early adoption.

If you have any questions, please contact Yevhen Kuzmenko (Yevhen.Kuzmenko@eba.com.ua), Woodworking and Furniture Committee Coordinator, or call: 044 496 06 01

Legal background:

Improving of the mechanism of sanitary and health measures:

1. In according to the paragraphs 16 and 17 of item 5:
Clear sanitary felling is prohibited in various kinds of reserves, sanctuaries and national parks around the nesting sites of rare kinds of birds and birds threatened with extinction. Clear sanitary felling is also limited in other categories of forests, except cases of emergency, in this case with obligatory restore of forests in this deforestation area.

2. In according to the items 26 and paragraphs 1 and 2 of item 36:
Selection sanitary felling is clearly regulated. In particular, trees (which will be cut) will be numbered; numeric statements will be made (including species of wood, categories of technical suitability of wood and reasons for selecting them for felling); some fallen deadwoods will be saved for serving as habitat and protection of other objects of nature; illiquid timber will remain up to the volume of at least 30 cu. m. per hectare

Transparency of decision-making on planning sanitary and health measures purpose as well as the legitimacy of purpose of such measures in the forests of Ukraine:

1. In according to paragraph 2 of item 30:
Composition of the special commission (that determines the advisability of clear sanitary felling) was expanded, namely representatives of local governments were put in it.

2. In according to paragraph 6 of item 5, items 10 and 31:
Information about planning, substantiation and sanitary felling volumes will be published for public oversight 

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