16/ 02/ 2015

Due to the efforts of the European Business Association, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution No. 42 from 28 January 2015 cancelling the Resolution ‘On Approval of Procedure of reference Foods to Special Dietary Foods, Functional foods and Dietary Supplements and their State Registration’ No.767 dated 7 August, 2013.

Background: Paragraph 6 of the abovementioned Procedure determined that “food conforming with information on the properties of food shall be established on the basis of an expert report on the results of expert studies issued by enterprises, institutions and organizations, which are authorized by the Ministry of Health to carry out such work (hereinafter – expert institutions) …”. Additionally, it was pointed out that expert studies had been conducted by the expert institution based on an agreement concluded between that institution and the applicant, and could not exceed 90 days.

The Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Food» No.1602-VII of 22 July, 2014, which will come into force on 20 September, 2015 and the state registration of special food is not provided, which complies with EU legislation. The CMU has got a year to bring its normative legal acts into conformity with Law No.1602-VII.

The EBA welcomes the cancellation of CMU Resolution №767 and state registration of special food, which confirms the willingness of the government to deregulate and we would like to thank all Association members who helped and supported our efforts to resolving this issue. At the same time, the Association will continue working towards improving the business climate in Ukraine.

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