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28/ 08/ 2014

Simplification of access to the State Register of Grain Warehouse Documents

Following the lobbying efforts of the European Business Association (hereinafter – the EBA) access to the State Register of Grain Warehouse Documents (hereinafter – the Register) was simplified.

Background: With the purpose of improving the business climate by abolishing excessive restrictions and controls, on 9 April 2014 the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding Reduction of a Range of Permissive Documents” No1193-VII was adopted that, inter alia, abolished the necessity to receive a Compliance Certificate for the Storage of Grain and its Processing Products for grain warehouses that was positively accepted by the business community. But in June of the current year, SE “Derzhreestry Ukrainy” – administrator of the Register – filed a mandatory demand stating that in order to conclude the Agreement on Performing the Duty of the Registrar by the Grain Warehouse (hereinafter – the Agreement) the warehouse should receive “a document issued by the local agency of the State Agriculture Inspection of Ukraine certifying compliance with the Technical Regulations for Grain Warehouses” (hereinafter – the Document).

It shall be noted that the warehouse inputting the grain warehouse documents into the unified Register facilitates the improvement of activities and increases trust of grain warehouses, by virtue of assurances of the Register functioning within the legal framework is crucial for the grain industry. Turning the grain warehouse off the Register disables its sound functioning and, consequently, can disrupt the procurement of autumn sown cereals from agricultural producers, thereby, divesting them of financing during a crucial period for agricultural works.

We are glad to note that at the time being the demand to provide the Document to get access to the Register was excluded from the essential terms of the Agreement (according to the press release on the webpage of SE “Derzhreestry Ukrainy”). Consequently, these changes will facilitate a decrease in the bureaucratic burden on grain market players and sufficiently improve the business climate.

The EBA would like to extend its gratitude to all members that contributed and supported our efforts aimed at finding a settlement of this issue. At the same time, the EBA will continue work towards the creation of a favourable business climate in Ukraine.

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