16/ 04/ 2013

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry) took into account the EBA proposals and approved on 4 March 2013 the Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (hereinafter – the CMU) “On Amending Procedure on Carrying out Trade Activity and Rules for Trade Servicing in the Consumer Goods Market”.

Background: On 20 February 2013 the Ministry published the first version of the Draft, which contained a provision on granting a right to business entities for labeling of goods additionally to the state language also with regional languages. At the same time, according to the Draft this question was regulated in a provision which refers to prohibition of selling goods without proper labeling.

The EBA sent an appeal to the Ministry and the CMU pointing out that inclusion of such amendments to the respective provision would lead to ambiguous interpretation. Namely, such provision might be considered as the obligation of business entities to label goods with regional languages, not as a right.

Our concerns were taken into account and the updated version of the Draft already includes a right of business entities to label goods with regional languages (if willing to do so) in a separate provision.

We thank the Ministry for consideration of our proposals!

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