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01/ 08/ 2012

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the new version of Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment that was harmonised with EU Directive according to the recommendations of EBA Consumer Electronics Committee.

Background. EBA Consumer Electronics Committee member-companies face many collisions and burdensome procedures that are not required in the EU when passing conformity assessment procedures of consumer electronics based on the requirements of effective version of Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment (herein – TR EMC). For example, according to Ukrainian TR EMC a manufacturer has to involve conformity assessment body utilising Module Aa of conformity assessment in order to verify conformity of equipment that is plugged into electricity network. Nevertheless, EU Directive on electromagnetic compatibility does not require involving conformity assessment body for conformity assessment in the EU. Also such Module of conformity assessment as Aa is missing in the current version of Technical regulation on modules of conformity assessment that was amended in 2011. Such contradictions complicate business activity for the manufacturers of consumer electronics.

Thanks to the efforts of EBA Consumer Electronics Committee the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with its Resolution No. 631 of 20 June 2012 “On Amending Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 785 of 29 June 2009”harmonised TR EMC with the relevant EU Directive as per the form and substance to the highest possible extent. The implementation of the updated version of TR EMC that becomes effective on 21 January 2013 will allow solving problematic issues of conformity assessment that are described above. Also it is worth noting that technical regulation of electromagnetic compatibility is the one the priority spheres Ukraine undertook to harmonise with EU legislation. Therefore the adoption of new version of TR EMC is a significant step on the path to Ukraine’s European integration.

We would like to thank all EBA members who supported our lobbying efforts focused on solving this issue.

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