Electronic Payments

24/ 03/ 2021

The EBA Electronic Payments Committee welcomes approval of norms and the Procedure for catering in educational and children’s health and recreation facilities. 

On March 24, 2021, the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №305 was adopted, which updated the outdated regulations in the field of catering in Ukrainian educational institutions, in particular, approved:   

1) food norms in educational institutions and children’s health and recreation institutions;   

2) The Procedure of catering in educational institutions and children’s health and recreation facilities. 

Experts of member companies of the Association took an active part in the development of the drafts of these regulations. EBA Electronic Payments Committee proposals were taken into account during public discussions and negotiations of the regulation draft with interested executive bodies, including, in particular, the possibility for students to pay for meals by cashless payment, in particular by means of an electronic payment instrument (payment card), has been introduced. This possibility must be determined in the terms of the contract between the customer and the food supplier. 

In turn, the business has made a lot of efforts and developed convenient and rational mechanisms for introducing the possibility of non-cash payments in educational institutions, which have already been successfully implemented in more than 300 educational institutions in Ukraine. 

EBA is grateful to the team of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska Project for improving the nutrition system in Ukrainian schools, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and representatives of other executive bodies that participated in the development and approval of the draft Resolution №305 from 24.03.2021.    


If you need additional information regarding this initiative, please contact Victoria.Burdeina@eba.com.ua, the Electronic Payments Committee Coordinator of the Association. 

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