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18/ 11/ 2020

The EBA welcomes the adoption of the Governmental Resolution N1097 from 11 November 2020, which introduced the amendments proposed by the EBA to a number of technical regulations, in particular, (1) TRs on energy labeling of air conditioners; (2) TRs on ecodesign requirements for circulating pumps; and (3) TRs on ecodesign requirements for TVs.

The EBA Consumer Electronics Committee drew the attention of Government officials to certain differences in requirements for TVs and pumps in the texts of Ukrainian technical regulations in comparison with the texts of the relevant EU Directives, on the basis of which Ukrainian regulations were developed. Namely, the ecodesign requirements for equipment in Ukraine were stricter than similar requirements that were introduced in the EU. For example, EU Regulation №641/2009, on the basis of which the TRs for pumps was developed, provides for the possibility of putting into circulation pumps integrated with the device before 1 January 2022, while the Ukrainian technical regulations provided for a two-year shorter period. As for the TRs for TVs, it immediately set eco-design requirements for televisions that were already placed on the market before the regulations’ entry into force, while EU Regulation №642/2009 established requirements for equipment at the moment of its placing on the market.

As for the TRs for air conditioners, there were differences between the colors used on the label to depict the map of Ukraine and the requirements for the colors of the map given in the text of the technical regulations. Therefore, the companies did not know what requirements for the energy label to be guided in their activities and asked to unify the rules, in particular, to bring the sample label in line with the rules set out in the text of the technical regulations.

The EBA Committee sent a number of official positions, held several meetings, and actively cooperated with Government agencies in order to adopt the changes proposed by business as soon as possible.

Therefore, the EBA is grateful to the State Agency on Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Cabinet of Ministers, and other involved state authorities for adopting Government Resolution N1097 and hopes for further constructive cooperation aimed to harmonize technical regulations in Ukraine in accordance with the EU requirements.

In case of additional information, please, contact Viktoriia.Kulykova@eba.com.ua, Consumer Electronics Committee manager.


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