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15/ 10/ 2020

The EBA welcomes the adoption of the Governmental Resolution N955 from 9 October 2020, which (1) recognized as invalid Technical regulations on energy labeling of vacuum cleaners (TRs En Lab of Vacuum Cleaners); (2) excluded TRs on En Lab of Vacuum Cleaners from the list of regulations that have to be checked by market surveillance authorities; (3) provided relevant amendments to TRs on EcoDesign requirements for vacuum cleaners.

The EBA constantly supports Governmental activities aimed to harmonize Ukrainian technical regulations and legislation in accordance with the EU Directives aimed to eliminate trade barriers and facilitate the signing of the ACAA agreement between Ukraine and EU on the mutual recognition of conformity assessment procedures. 

Consequently, the EBA paid the attention of the state authorities on adoption of the enforced decision of the EU Court regarding invalidation of the EU Regulation 665\2013 on energy labeling of vacuum cleaners which lead to the inconsistency for legislative requirements for vacuum cleaners in the EU and Ukraine. Namely, on the one hand, it was forbidden to provide vacuum cleaners with energy labels in the EU, and on the other, it was forbidden to make customs clearance of vacuum cleaners in Ukraine without such labels. Therefore, the EBA proposed and advocated for elaboration and adoption of a decision on invalidation of Technical regulations on the energy labeling of vacuum cleaners in Ukraine.

The EBA is grateful to the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, and other involved state authorities for taking into account proposals of the business society and hope for further constructive cooperation aimed to harmonize technical regulations in Ukraine in accordance with the EU requirements.

In case of additional information, please, contact Viktoriia.Kulykova@eba.com.ua, Consumer Electronics Committee manager.

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