Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development

18/ 06/ 2020

June 18, The Verkhovna Rada adopted a draft law №3438, regulating the public discussions on the environmental impact assessment report (EIA). It implies that during quarantine, public discussions, as an integral part of EIA process, take place in the form of written comments and suggestions via electronic means.

During quarantine, business faces the obstacles to provide the public hearings, prohibited because of threat of coronavirus spread, enabling the issuance of conclusions on EIA. Considering that the quarantine is extended till July 31 and the delay of issuance of EIA conclusions, the companies are deprived from the opportunity to launch their planned activities. In today difficult economic conditions it can potentially lead to significant social and economic consequences, such as job cuts, budget cuts and other economic losses.  

Industrial ecology and Sustainable development committee experts requested the Minecoenergo and the dedicated Committee of the Verkhovna Rada early in April to resolve the situation. We are happy to state that thanks to the cooperation with the Government, the Parliament, business and public sector the compromise solution has been found. Business wants to thank all who contributed to the development and adoption of this draft law and hopes that the document will be signed by the President of Ukraine and come into force as soon as possible.

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