Wine and Spirits

21/ 05/ 2019

The EBA welcomes the adoption of Law 2725-VIII that amended the Law 2628-VIII   in accordance with proposals of the business society and ban for whiskey trade was cancelled.

The EBA Wine & Spirits Committee brought attention to the newly introduced definition which contradicted with international standards due to the upper limit of alcohol strength. Namely according to the EU legislation, the minimum alcoholic strength by volume of whisky or whiskey shall be 40 %. In particular, W&S Committee members emphasised that this definition could also lead to a number of disputes with the control authorities.

We are grateful to the Head of VRU Tax and Customs Committee, Ms Nina Yuzhanina, Chair of Subcommittee on Excise Duty and Legislative Regulation of Spirit, Alcohol and Tobacco Markets of Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy, Mr Mykhailo Kobtsev, Trade and Economic Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine,  EU Project “Geographical Indications in Ukraine, British Embassy in Ukraine, Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, namely Head of Directorate, Mr Oleksandr Zhemoida and Head of Food Department, Ms Lyudmila Khomichak.

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