Consumer Electronics

19/ 06/ 2018

Registration of the vast majority of consumer electronics devices was cancelled. For a long time, the EBA Consumer Electronics Committee negotiated with the National Commission for state regulation of communications and informatization and other stakeholders regarding the necessity to cancel registration of consumer electronics.

We believed that only a limited amount of electronics with a low level of compliance to the significant requirements mentioned in the Technical Regulations on Radio Equipment should be subject to registration. Such approach is also foreseen in the EU Directive 2014/53.

Therefore, after adoption of the TRs on Radio Equipment, the Committee experts took an active part in elaboration of the NKRZI Decision on new order and form of Register of allowed radio electronics. It takes into account the EBA proposals and abolishes registration for most types of consumer electronics.

At the beginning of April the relevant NKRZI Decision N188 was adopted. On 7th June 2018 this Decision was officially registered in the Ministry of Justice. We hope for its official publication and entering into force soon.

We are grateful to the National Commission for the state regulation of communications and informatization and other involved state authorities for adoption of this Decision and hope for further constructive cooperation.

For more details please contact Viktoriia.Kulykova@eba.com.ua, Consumer Electronics Committee manager.

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